Sunday, August 08, 2010

Driving Me Mad

I'll give it to my neighborhood Firestone place - the seem to be way above board and honest. Since my warranty ran out on my car about two years ago, I no longer feel the need to drive to the Volvo dealership to have him serviced. The place wasn't horribly convenient and it meant I had to sit around there until they did their work - but at least they had wireless.

After my workout yesterday, I dropped Viggo off in the caring hands of the Firestone folks and walked home while they take a look-see under the hood. A few hours they called me back with the results.

Actually, they rang with the non-results.

They could hear the noise of which I described, but they could not find it - let alone fix it.

"We can throw darts and make guesses, but we don't really want to take your car apart with not knowing.", they said.


Sean, in his comment yesterday, was thinking as I was - they'd charge me some huge fee to fix a minor problem for a car I was planning on letting go anyway. Though when dropping off, they told me it was $45 to just look under the hood, they didn't know what they would find or what the final cost would be.

Turns out - it cost me squat. The guys were so nice, since they couldn't figure it out, and they feel they didn't do right by me, did not charge me a penny. I picked up my keys and drove home - avec noise still under my hood.

Firestone suggested that I, ugh, call the dealership. I figure I will at least try. Maybe they have been seeing this same issue with a six year old V50. I might take Sean's advice and when I do get a new car, just see if the dealer even notices.

If I let it sit for 30 minutes, and they don't drive it for a full 10 minutes, they won't even hear the sound.

On a plus note - we had a second date night. Two in a row. Unheard of. But it was a beautiful night and we do like to sit outside. And Lopez is one of our favourite places to go. So the stars aligned - and off we went.

These were just the beginnings of the food. I actually had a steak salad mostly because it was a nice summer meal. I also stuck to one beer. My restraint is amazing!

Song by: Neil Finn


Cubby said...

I always like it when you write about my old neighborhood. Greg and I spent a lot of time at Cedar & Lee, but I don't recall a place there called Lopez. Damn, we missed out on another good thing.

Isn't it about time for you to have a mid-life crisis? You're mid-40s, so you're due. Or maybe you've already had it? Anyway, trade it your old station wagon and get a sporty car. Try this Mercedes on for size:

Birdie said...

I found a mechanic who is awesome like that: honest and good. I drive twenty minutes to go to him.

Hey, are those Denton's elbows? That's the first time I've seen proof of his existence!

david Joseph said...

Why can't the music be "she drives me crazy" by the FYC?

tornwordo said...

as is your humility! snicker