Sunday, August 22, 2010

Party Doll

Last night we went to a party down the street.

It's always a nice affair, given by two of our friends - and it's in walking distance, so I can imbibe as much as I need want. They cater it and normally have it outdoors, but Mother Nature did not cooperate with the party planners.

On one hand, I did feel bad about the weather screwing up the party plans for the guys, but on the other, we needed the a seven hour rain so badly! And these guys adapted so well - the tables came inside and everyone still had a great time.

It was a mix of neighbors, friends - gay and not, and a number of people from the gym and one of my former employers. Plus a number of folks whom I had not met before.

The good was good. The company was good. The house is incredible. ...and of course, an open bar!

And there was a new puppy.

This is Tulley. He's not the new puppy. But he is a sweet as can be Wheaten Terrier. I could have gotten a full-on facial shot of him, but I liked this contrast a little better for a pic.

Tulley's brother, Grady, unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago. Since birth, they had never been a part from each other even for a day. I felt so bad for him. I feel so bad for Bill & Marty too.

But this is Calley (Cali?). A new 11 week old female Wheaten. Or as Bill calls her, 'Spawn of Satan'.

How can anything this cute be evil???? She just has a lot of energy as any 11 week old puppy would have.

She has more red in her than Grady or Tulley had. And she'll lighten up in color, but keep some red highlights apparently. She was so cute and soooo friendly. If I could get her and keep her that size for life, I'd get one like her in a heartbeat. I think Denton would too (though someone at the party thought his name was Duncan - which was new, even for us), as he thought Calley was just adorable.

Trying to not be the last ones there, like we end up normally being, we took a somewhat early departure and walked home in the rain, hand in hand.

Song by: Mary Chapin Carpenter


A Lewis said...

That's odd, we went to a huge BBQ in our old neighborhood last night -- and it was filled with doggies! Tons of them with whom I spent the night fawning over, rubbing bellies and kissing on the head. Just like a politician.

anne marie in philly said...

"we took a somewhat early departure and walked home in the rain, hand in hand" - awwwwwwww!

so when's the big day? I have to get my confetti ready to throw, ya know!