Friday, August 13, 2010

12 of 12

So I'm doing my sixth 12 of 12. 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone.

Created by Chad Darnell (thanks Chad!) and picked up from, what I can tell, a number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. He intends 2010 to be his final year of doing this, but hopefully someone will pick it up from there. Time will tell.

05:12. Yes, this started my day. Earlier, actually. First I had to get up, brush my teeth, put in my contacts and put on my gym clothes. Then had to feed and water the cats. This was the time when I walked out the door.

05:24. The power station (some like it hot...and some sweat when the heat is on.....) for University Hospitals. A site I see each time I come out of the gym parking garage. I just liked the sky at this time.

07:00. Post-workout / Gratuitous shirtless shot. I'm totally rockin' my two-pack (not my 2Pac). And yes, you don't need to tell me - I'm pasty white. I get it - I need more sun.

07:05. What you don't see is that the shorts have been dropped and the gloves have come off. And yet, I still weigh more than I think I should. I hover in the 184.5 - 188 range. I guess I'm still on target for that.

07:15 (or so). Total accident shot. Found it on my camera later in the day. I guess it's the equivalent of pocket-dialing. Since the locker room towel bin is right in front of me, I'll assume I was walking over to toss it to be cleaned.

07:20. The sign of my gym as seen upon my exit. Across the street to the left is a parking deck for the hospital. To the right you can see one of the stacks that you saw from my first picture.

07:23. Cop seen when pulling out of the gym driveway. Not really directing traffic was he, but waiting for some event at the hall next to my gym.

07:48. My breakfast. I probably should limit the carbs and do less white flour, etc - but after being up for three hours and an almost two hour workout, I grab the first thing I can when I get to work. The cream cheese isn't even low fat. I'm pathetic.

12:15. Waiting at Teahouse Noodles. The place is a dive and I'd never physically eat in there, but it's great food and cheap. I just snag it and take it back to my office. I got a veggie bowl with Thai peanut sauce.

14:48. My favourite shot for this month. The last of my afternoon snack - four Rainier cherries. If someone put a pound (or four) in front of me, I'd eat them all. I like them better than Bing cherries. They are a little more sweet and are a little more firm. Of course, if someone put a pound (or four) of dark chocolate in front me - I'd eat all of that too.

18:20. It's a hose, people. A hose!!! No great mystery. Just a hose. I put the timer on for two hours to slowly try to save some of our trees and such. This 90 degree weather for weeks on end with no rain is killing us.....and the trees.

19:55. DJ will love the fact that I traipsed (yes, traipsed) through our big ivy patch after hearing the biggest accident crash I had heard outside the house. Violent, the crash was. I'll assume no insurance and no license, because no car. It never stopped. There had to have been at least two cars (I've learned to identify crash noises), but nothing was there. Fast & the Furious V, I guess. They raced off.

...and now the Baker's dozen.....

21:20. Ice Cream. Coffee and caramel ice cream, to be specific. Near 9:30 at night. It is one of the reasons I only have a two-pack. ....because I'm pathetic.


wozzel said...

haha. Maybe not pathetic, but the carbs and then icecream so late at night.. well...

AS FOR THE pastyness... this is why I love living in Durban. On the beach. I dont even know when last I did not have a tan :P

A Lewis said...

I like the toe and the ice cream. Well, and the hose too.

TJ said...

Good 12 of 12 photos. As others have said you're not pathetic. I say human. I wish I could stick to a gym regime and sine you do for that reason alone you get to be "pathetic" occasionally. See I'm truly pathetic as I don't go to the gym and my pathetic moments are really not so much moments as they are my day. Anyway, keep up the good work and soon 2 will turn into 4 and 4 to 6 and then I think you should stop at six as I'm not sure what a 12 pack would look like, but it can't be good. Okay I'm rambling, so thanks for sharing your day and I look forward to next month's pictures.

anne marie in philly said...

pix #1 - my fat ass was still in bed.

pix #3 - (fans self vigorously)

pix #7 - nice ass!

pix #8 - philly cream cheese RULES!

have a great weekend, blobby!

Jill said...

Great commentary this month! :)
The cherry-shot was delicious. :)
The hose. ;)
Isn't it fun how sometimes the
'oops' photos turn out so great? :)

Anonymous said...

Great 12 on 12. I need to do another one of these! And, happy belated birthday!

tornwordo said...

Ha! We both posted shirtless 12 of 12 shots in the third position. I think I've got a copyright on that buddy. Oh and check out the Loseit! app (only cuz I think you'd be interested, not cuz I think you need it) it's actually a lot of fun. Especially when you put in the exercise you do and then you can put a physical price on that bowl of ice cream.

Dogeared said...

Hey, you go to the gym, so that's a start! Not pathetic then, just maybe a few oops moments...

Sorry I’m late commenting – my own 12 only went up on the 16th lol, as I was visiting friends. But better late than never for posting and commenting