Sunday, August 15, 2010

Come On Come On

The title of the post is also the seemingly new phrase that is being used by my spin instructor - ad nauseum.

You know I heart Andy, and I know it's supposed to be a motivator, but him saying it just grates a tad on my nerves. Or nerve. It's possible I only have one left.

As this summer goes, I've been riding more outdoors and finding myself skipping spin class more and more often. In reality, I need to do both, but sometimes I am just lazy. Yup, it's true.

Last week, upon returning after three weeks away (or was it four?), Andy did his "well well, look who is back" routine, on me.

Normally, he does that to, what I consider, his regulars. His clique. Even though I've been in his class for well over a year, I still don't feel like I've earned a place as a regular. Yes, I am aware it has more to do with self-esteem issues, but truth be told, after well over a year, Andy still doesn't remember my name. More ego deflation.

Still, it is nice he did that shtick, cause it is kind of nice to be missed. It also reinforces that life is an extension of high school. The only difference is that now and again it represents the cool kid who is nice to the dork, but then goes back to the cool lunchroom table. (for the record, I am the dork in this scenario!) {sigh}

Oh, and I should say, I probably shouldn't have been as spin at all yesterday. As I alluded to in yesterday's post, I'm feeling quite old.

Thursday, in the weight room, my back went out. Again. I was almost to the point of tears - for a minute. The pain was - and is - still there (though not as acute), and the thought of tears lasted only a minute. I manned-up and didn't cry like a little girl.

...and get this, I wasn't even lifting anything. I bent down to move something and never got that far. I just moved the wrong way at the wrong time.

I knew after my accident earlier this year, and my stint in physical therapy, I was probably at risk for continual relapses. Backs usually don't go back to "normal", so I need to treat it with kid gloves. I just felt so much better over the last 4-5 months, I lapsed in judgement, but to be honest, bending over to get something wasn't how I ever would have thought I'd reinjure anything.

I just have to remind myself, "I am a delicate flower".

One who like cupcakes and ice cream, but a delicate flower, nonetheless.

Friday, in the office, I spent the day on the stability ball to fix my posture and to use it for stretching out my back. I think it helped a little bit, but I'm still tender and delicate.

So, I made it through an hour of spin, though it wasn't the hardest class I've ever been to. Far from it. Yet, I'm sure I will regret doing it later. (Oh, I'm drafting this on Saturday afternoon - so the post spin back pain has not yet hit.) But it had to be done. I'm dedicated to my routine.
My big goal is to stay out physical therapy for another round of expensive treatments, even if my therapist was handsome. The price is still too high.

Song by: Mary Chapin Carpenter


Birdie said...

Well, "old" man, you have to adapt. Talk to a qualified physical therapist about a new exercise routine. Really, you look amazing, so you can afford to take a break.

Cubby said...

I saw this post as my opportunity to tell you to man up, to get back at you for saying that shit to me a few weeks ago. But since you already said it to yourself in the post, it's senseless to repeat it here. Instead I'll just bide my time, waiting to get my revenge at some future date. Beware!

Ur-spo said...

that's their job to push you and sound merry in the process. Keep going !