Thursday, August 05, 2010

Love is Stronger than Justice

Old news by now - but it can't hurt just to be one of the 14,593,712 bloggers who have a post about Prop 8 - right?

The case was to decide on whether California's ban on same-sex marriage violates gay couples' rights to equal protection and due process, as protected by the U.S. Constitution.

The image is not of me. Apparently I'm one of the few gay bloggers who does not a picture with duct tape over my mouth and the NOH8 inscribed on my cheek. I know, right?

Apparently it's hard to get on the front part of the NOH8 website if you're not a celeb. Regular people don't rate for people for same sex marriage. Like I care what the fucking Kardashian sluts think of my ability to get (or not) married.

I picked the image on purpose. Most of the H8ers claim to have christian beliefs. But they more believe in the sinner, not the sin. It's an easy out, if you ask me. Not horribly truthful either - which isn't christ-like. They don't treat the sin separate from the sinner. That's why they're H8ers.

I don't live in California so the ruling means nothing to the legality of my impending nuptials. I suppose maybe down the road they might. Eventually, this case will most likely get to the U.S. Supreme Court - which, like their 1967 ruling (Loving v Virginia), struck down the law on interracial marriage.

Do not get me wrong - equality, in the eyes of the law is a great thing, but it's not everything. The H8ers can't take away my love no matter how they react to Perry v Schwarzenegger (gags me to even have to type Ah-nuld's name) - which as you can imagine, has not been good.

So, the ones touting what kind love is real and how it should be portrayed, now/still/will always lashes out at things they take for granted and for which no one hates them for. Even the gays do not try to minimize their love - not really. Sure we question why we don't have the same rights as the slutty Kardashian skanks, or that Rush and Newt can get married four times each but we devalue what marriage is about.

When/If Jebus ever returns - if we're not already in hell (which is possible) - he won't be returning home with as many folks as these "do-gooders" as they think he will. They might be the ones left behind.

Let the courts do as they will. I'm moving on with or without them.

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Birdie said...

You have to sever toxic relationships in order to survive, and you must turn your back on the Religious Right. I have done so as well. We speak to those who can hear to establish the rights for which you have waited far too long. I believe I will live to see the day when your marriage will be recognized on a federal level, and I will celebrate with you.

Wonder Man said...

I'm moving on too