Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Sky is a Poisonous Garden

On the way home from work yesterday, I decided to stop at G2H2.

I think this constitutes my 4th or 5th time in two years. I remain unimpressed.

In theory, for some reason I'm still hopeful, which sounds completely unlike me, yet there it is: hope.

Instead of a bar or club, this time it was at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. It seemed like a good place to down a drink or two. And it might have been.

I got there too early, it seemed - about 20 minutes after start time. There were only maybe two dozen folks there at this point and most of them.....get this.....lesbians!!!!

G2H2. That is Gay GUYS happy hour, not Lezbo Libations. ....and yeah, they way outnumbered the homo men 2:1.

I knew no one - again/still. As much as I've tried to be more social over the last two years, I'm still not making connections. I talked to few guys - or vice versa, I guess. They asked if I just moved to Cleveburgh. Ummm. No. So then they asked where I'd been hiding.

They seemed a little shocked when I said I didn't go out. Those days for me are long long over. Oh - and they kept calling me 'Richard'. I've been called worse.

Maybe had I stayed it would have been more enjoyable. It was a great setting and I'm sure more guys would have shown up, but I wasn't feelin' it, and I was happier to just go home (which is why these guys don't know who the hell I am) and have dinner with my man.

....and that's what I did.

Song by: Concrete Blonde


Birdie said...

You should try to find Richard and see what that's all about.

Cubby said...

Good on you for trying at least.

don said...

Do your new friends have to be gay men? Or would drinks and conversation with Lesbians in a beautiful garden be an enjoyable evening? I know I would have liked that.

brian said...

I like the lack of separation between men and women in the Cleveland gay scene.
You just might find a pleasant surprise in frienship with another gender. Or not.
I have.

david Joseph said...

I think the two guys hitting on you were lesbian car salesmen. Also, I had low tea at the Pines yesterday during my photo shoot and felt like the bitch of the ball taking the ferry home at 10pm.

Blobby said...

I have nothing against lesbians or gay intermingling, I just wasn't expecting them. They do have their own equivalent of G2H2, but men are never invited.