Friday, August 27, 2010

I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl

I'm having an iffy week, so no big intricate posts. Today it's mostly an image from Philadelphia's Chinatown. It made me laugh. (click image to enlarge.)

Last I checked, shoes do not even have a pancreas to produce insulin, let alone a malfunctioning one where a loafer, pump or strappy sandal will now need to check its blood sugar and give itself an injection once or twice a day.

And when the shoe's diabetes is out of control and it has to have a below the knee amputation, how does it fit into its own shoe?

I am thoroughly confused. So many many questions.......

Song by: Allison Moorer


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the shoes are designed to help those whose diabetes has progressed to the point that their feet are swollen and oversized.

anne marie in philly said...

holy shit! too funny!

have a great weekend!