Friday, July 16, 2010

Site of the Month

It's that time of month - for me to bring you the Site of the Month.

Less salacious than GuysWithiPhones, Tap That Guy leaves more to the imagination. But it's about time you guys got your brains working anyway - with possibilities.

Sure, Tap That Guy is a bit more stalky than taking a picture of your half-nekkid self in a mirror, but that kind of makes it more interesting. ....and yeah, I've totally taken pictures of guys here and there - hell, you've even seen them on this here blog.

Helllloooo? Don't you remember the guy from the Albany airport?

Really it started with my first digital camera when we went up to Niagara Falls - the American side. Some hot guy was out sunning himself. Shirtless. Somewhere on our data server, that picture still exists - but I can't really access it now. You'll just have to trust me.

Anyway - that's it. That's all I got.

Happy hunting.


AJohnP said...

That man from the airport is DREAMY.
Happy Friday!!

Cubby said...

I thought "Tap That Guy" was going to be a different kind of website. One where you had to be 18 to enter :-)

After looking at the pics, one thing is for sure -- I need to get to Germany as soon as possible! Yum!