Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wooden Ships

I totally stole the header image from my friend, Tom G's FB page. He's the only one I know who got a shot of one of the Tall Ships sailing into Cleveburgh. I'm hoping he won't mind and will one day forgive me.

We've had the Tall Ships festival (?) I don't know how often or for how long. I do know that we have never been. So we took the bikes and rode downtown.

On the way, I made Denton pedal and stop by the Cleveland Cancer Survivors Plaza. I figured we've been here almost 16 years and I'm now like 18 years cancer free. So I got a few pics in front of it. This is the only one that captures the obelisk like structure.

Not unlike the one in Columbus, this survivor's plaza is just not all that attractive.

Yes, I don't know why we hadn't done the Tall Ships before, but I'm thinking now I know why - or at least the reason(s) - we never need to go back.

Let's start with the $14 admission - each. Yes, I am cheap as they come, and yes we paid it, but there wasn't really anything to do except stand in line for up two hours to get on maybe one of the boats. The rest of the stuff there is typical festival crap: booths for basement waterproofing, food, bad food, worse food and lemonade stands.

As with Tom G's picture and this one, it is a scaled down replica of the HMS Bounty, which as you know did not go all that swimmingly.

I bet it would have been much much better had they had a crew that looked like this - especially the guy on the right. I'm just sayin'...........

Buffalo and Boobies

....and buns.

...and one last one of your smiling blogger amongst the masts and masses. Clearly my sunglasses protect my anonymity from my tens of fans.

Song by: Jefferson Airplane


Birdie said...

That milestone of yours certainly warrants a smile. (24 years for me.) Congratulations!

Jonny said...

I hope you wore sunscreen this time.