Saturday, July 03, 2010

Single Girl

I'm single again!!!!

Nah - not for the long term, just for two days. But g-d, I revert to single me so quickly when I'm alone, it's really quite frightening.

The Cleveburgh nightlife is at my disposal; the world at my feet. And what do I do? I sit at home too uninterested to do a frickin' thing. The old single me would have been way drunk and possibly missed an opportunity to post on a blog due to extracurricular activities.

The now me, is a drafting this the night before it is to be published while trying not be too pathetic by going to bed before 22:00. Sad but true.

However, keeping with the old single me, when I'm alone - I eat (and ate), like crap. I'm too embarrassed to tell you what I had for "dinner", but I can tell you I didn't have the left over pizza or the grilled chicken, which still reside in the refrig. Suffice to say, I will be at the gym at opening atone for my sins.

I rarely ate a balanced meal when I was single and living alone. Egg Roll King was my mainstay. Ahhhh South Campus, how I loved you. Seriously, two egg rolls each and every day for lunch. ...and I still cannot figure out why my acne never cleared up. Hmmmm.

Here's the joke - I'm single 50% of the time with work travel. I normally have balanced meals on the road. I don't really do nightlife much when I travel - as I just go to the hotel and work. Hell, I rarely turn on the TV. I think I mentioned, it was two days before I knew Haiti had an earthquake!

But when I'm single at home, I'm just a schlub. I sit here, still in my work clothes - that is how lazy I am.

Oh, I'm single because Denton went home to see his parents - leaving me to be the sole participant at our neighbors 4th of July cookout on Sunday. And the only one of us to do our little neighborhood parade - which is just adults following the kids around while we carry liquor - and drink it.

Denton also gets to be the hero. The iMac his parents owned died a few weeks ago - one he bought for them. Well, technically we did, since it came from the joint account, but I'll assume I received no credit. I will also assume I get none for the iPad he picked up on the way out of town to bring to them.

I really do not care about getting any credit, I'm thrilled they are getting this. Though I've barely played with the iPad, I think they'll love it - eventually. They'll say it was too much. They'll say they don't know how to operate it, but in short order, I predict they will love it. Of course, Denton probably will too - so I half-suspect there might be one in his near-future too.

So yes. I'm single. For now. Maybe tomorrow will be more adventurous, but do not bet on it.

Song by: Pat Carroll (yes, that Pat Carroll!)

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tornwordo said...

Don't you get repercussions from eating like you did way back when? I know I do. Heartburn, constipation, bloating, you name it. It's why I'm ice cream phobic now.