Thursday, July 29, 2010

Carry That Weight

Oh, that brettcajun thinks he is sooooo funny. The jury is still out on that one. And clearly he's rolling in the dough if he can waste spend $0.99 for the Fat Booth app for his iPhone 4G.

Yes he was quite proud of himself, as he made some reference to me eating at Taco Bell. He don't know me that well, because I don't make that one of my solid threes like he does. Hell, I can count on one finger - maybe tw0 - on how many times I eat there a year.....maybe two.

But I am not that fat. Not yet. But it wasn't a pleasant way to picture myself - you know, like if my cookie eating went out of control thyroid went haywire.

For fun, I posted the pic on Facebook and may have gotten more comments than I have ever received. Fat Blobby RULES!

A long-time friend, Stuart, sent me who he thought I resembled. Prick.

Yayyyy....I'm a big fat Anglican porker who porked his way through six wives - and fucked over the Catholic church too.

But I know this cannot be the true representation of HRH from the house of Tudor. I saw The Tudors, and this is possibly the fattest that Henry ever got during the series.

I could totally see being this chubby. ...and then the last laugh would be on Mr. Cajun. ...and I use the term "Mister" quite loosely.

Song by: the Beatles


Cubby said...

Who put the blob in blobby?

Birdie said...

Well, let's see the shirtless shot. I want to compare.

Brettcajun said...

I was grinning ear to ear when I texted you that fat pic. I could just SENSE the explosion of outrage and denial. EVIL GRIN. Thanks for having a good humor about it! ;)

tornwordo said...

I'm livin that app.

cb said...

Fat blobby looks like he would have a voice like Droopy Dog.