Sunday, July 04, 2010

Metal Firecracker

The headline image is a radiology shot of someone who did not let go of the firework soon enough.


Eons ago, that should could have been me. I was a juvenile problem - which might not shock some of you. Those poor folks in Lake Lucerne (no, not Switzerland) never had a 4th of July that didn't have at least one of their mailboxes blown to smithereens each year. Thank you Mr. M-80!

What's a bored teen (or was it pre-teen) to do back in those days? I wasn't old enough to steal golf carts or boats.........yet. Oh, I was a suspect many a-time, but they never really pinned anything more than larceny on me - and even then, only once!

I'm somehow off track. Actually, I'm not sure when I started this I had much of a point to begin with. It was just going to wish you all a happy holiday and be done with it, but clearly I've branched out a bit.

Anyways - if you must destroy federal property like a mailbox, make sure you do something with the fuse to make it burn slower so you can get out of harm's way.....or and the law or any potential witnesses.

....and isn't that the real reason we left King George to gain our independence?

Oh and - yeah, enjoy the holiday!

Song by: Lucinda Williams


Birdie said...

The husband tells tales of a firecracker war when he was a kid. A friend put a bunch of Black Cats in his mailbox, so he responded with some Cherry Bombs. His mailbox smelled of soot and sulfur; his friend's mailbox was a steel flower of shredded metal. Those were the good old days.

Curtis said...

Happy Independence Day, buster!

no- that's my word verification.