Saturday, July 24, 2010


Very bummed.

If Mike Wallace were to drop over tomorrow, I wouldn't care a lick. If Andy Rooney were succumb to the big dirt nap, I might even cheer and hold a party with a banner that said "Good Riddance!"

But Daniel Schorr??

What little heart I have, is crushed.

A voice of reason and intelligence that prevailed, even if only for radio. A man who spoke what wasn't even his truth, but just the plain one.

With Schorr's passing, we get one step closer to the Bill O'Reillys, Sanjay Guptas and Nancy Graces of the world being considered "news people". It is totally frightening.

Yes, time marches on, but it is taking the wrong folks with it.

Song by: Tears for Fears

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