Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bloodbuzz Ohio

We're in Columbus for the weekend. I wish we could say it was for fun - and we were smiling and laughing - but we are here for other reasons that may or may not be expounded at a later date.

But we cut our work day short a bit and headed to Morty's for the weekend and we are here now. Becca was here by the time we arrived.

Last night we just hung out, got pizza and each of us played on our respective iPhones.

I showed the group PhotoSwap, which I yakked about here years ago, and we had a back and forth going with two girls sort of showing me their boobs, so I did the same. I wasn't showing my areola to you all (again). There was another one where I was pushing my titties together like the girl(s) were doing, but we didn't save that photo - thankfully.

The other three also downloaded PhotoSwap and we tried experiments that if we all hit send at the same time, one of us - if not more - should/might get back one of our own pics. It only happened once. The rest of us got butt shots, boob shots, beer bottles and lots of blurry pics back our way.

As we were doing it all, Becky says to us, she says......"what did we do before iPhones", Morty and myself jinxed each other (no Cokes) by saying: "talk".

Becky keeps harping on me that I'm too skinny and that it is disturbing to look at me. I'm sure she meant I'm too "ugly", because everyone knows you can't be too thin (or rich) - I mean, unless your Karen Carpenter, because that didn't turn out too well for, ya know?

For the record, I'm three pounds thinner than last time I saw her. is Becky holding Skeeter. He's more relaxed than you think.

So we're off today to do some stuff together and then head to campus to look around and see what's new and possibly where I may have "played" with "Dale". Nahhhhh.....knowing my pattern, I pretty much know where that would have happened.

Song by: the National


rebecca said...

And Boggle, I believe. I don't like this picture of me. It makes me look old.

cb said...

There is such a thing as being too thin.

Do you have the iphone 4 yet?

anne marie in philly said...

I think you look pretty, becky.

and thanks for the pre-undie monday shot, blobby!

david Joseph said...

I keep hitting the retake button but nothing happens? I thought you guys were working on an app for that.