Saturday, July 10, 2010

La Copa de la Vida

Yes, I know. TWO posts in one day. Unheard of, but this one is a more timely thing, I suppose.

Soccer is scary. Those frickin' vuvuzelas. The weird countries. The fans! I really don't get what it's all about.

I saw some review on Birdie's site that had a dead-on wrap-up of Twilight, or whatever that vampire movie is:

"Twilight's like soccer: they run around for two hours, nobody scores, and its billion fans insist you just don't understand."

Just interchange 'soccer' for 'twilight' in World Cup scenario and it is still dead-on. Of course, the Simpson's hit it out of the park, from about 10 years ago, with this clip. I love Kent Brockman's take and the Hispanic Kent Brockman-like's take (at about the 1:55 mark):

But as World Cup crap goes - you can count me in with the majority on the matter of watching it (or not!).
Aren't there more important things to discuss LeBron??? kid. We're done talking about him.

Song by: Ricky Martin


cb said...

Now, if only Lebron were playing IN the world cup....

He should be. Because he's apparently god of all things.

Ur-spo said...

I don't understand this sport either.
When I encounter a fan, who insists one explaining it all to me, I get to respond word to word with my passion with opera.
No one wins or convinces the other.
There is no accounting for taste.

Birdie said...

I don't care about soccer, but I LOVE that first picture.