Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love is the Ride

You gotta love the ride.

Well, I suppose you don't, but it helps. It's hard to do a 34 mile ride just to do it. You kind of gotta want it on some level - whatever your motivation.

Once again, last Sunday, we hit the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to take long bike ride. Last time it was from near downtown Cleveland to Peninsula. This time, went from Peninsula to Akron.

Akron. Or Norka, as Morty would call it.

ἄκρον in Greek. Or "summit". Akron sits in Summit County. Akron is allegedly the highest point in Ohio. I suppose with background to its name, that would make sense.

Of course, that also means the closer you get to Akron, the more you are traveling uphill. Those damned mules towing those barges had it hard. Especially that last mile into town where it is a 5% grade - yes, uphill. The first 16 miles just was the warm-up for that last mile.

You'd think going back towards Peninsula would be easier as it is mostly down hill. It is easier, but now you're pushing towards 34 miles and your scrotum starts to burn a bit at this point - and you have to pass that sewage treatment plant.....again. I almost vomited the first time we passed it.

Columbus/Grovetucky had a treatment facility too, but I knew when and for how long to breathe through my mouth. This did not work here. The smell was too pervasive this time. The 95 degree weather and beating sun on processed poop did not help.

We did stop to fill our water bottles at one point and I stuck my head under an outdoor spigot to cool down. Unfortunately, my sweat and the sunscreen I slathered all over ran into my eyes. So, then there was more and more rinsing. However, at the rest room, there was this great sign between the Men's and Women's room (click to enlarge) that made me laugh.

Toilets and methane. No Smoking and the siren. Perfecto!!!!!

But the ride is nice. Great shade on this portion of trail. It is not as congested and when we got to downtown Akron, we just did a leisurely ride-around. The trail pretty much ends up at the Akron Aeros ballpark. While they are one of the Indians' minor league teams, they have about as many folks attend and a Tribe game. {sigh}

The trail alternates between cinder, new asphalt, older/broken asphalt, wood planks and when you get to Akron.....rubber. You know, Goodyear and Firestone and such. Akron is also Rubber City., not rubbers city. I think that's Cherry Hill, NJ. if the boxes are to be believed.

Yes, it was a good ride - maybe not a great one. 10 degrees cooler would have made it so much more pleasurable and I might have avoided the heat rash on my legs. No pictures of that - no one needs to see that (other than my dermatologist).....and it's gone now anyway. All better.

I envy Morty on his century rides. I haven't done one yet, but I'm looking forward to trying. Maybe later this year, or maybe early next.

Song by: Lucy Kaplansky

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