Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Lose Control

So a few years back when I got Mr. iPhone (3G), I relegated my Nano to the kitchen where it kept us in music while making dinner or cleaning up. Or it was good to have in there for parties when folks filtered in and out of that room.

Now and again, with new music purchases, I'd have to add songs and then re-synch so we'd have a change-up in our liberry.

Now, I have 10,000 plus songs in my overall liberry but the Nano only holds about 800 songs, so I had to choose carefully which made the cut for this little device. I mean, I'd have to listen to these selections during food prep time.

So imagine my surprise on the last go-round when I put too many songs on the playlist and they all wouldn't fit.

Then I got a message which I had never seen before - asking if I wanted iTunes to select which songs go on the iPod. I made the incorrect assumption that they meant for the 12-15 I was attempting to put on. WRONG. Not knowing that though - I agreed.

It wiped out my entire Nano and loaded 800 songs of its choosing. My oh my.

If you know me, you know I'm pretty picky about m music, so to be this out of my element was a bit disconcerting. I guess I could have wiped it out again and re-loaded what I needed and wanted. But for the last few weeks, I've been letting it ride and just taking it as it comes.

I know it's not a big thing for most, but it is a huge change for me to give up this kind of control. So far it's working and I'm not too much out of sorts. And I actually have not been going up to it and hitting 'next'.

This might be my ability to change, but who knows? Oh wait - that'd be me. I know.

Song by: Color Me Gone


AJohnP said...

I don't blame you at all...that would drive me crazy.
Good for you though for not spending all that time to 'fix' it. Enjoy the randomness of it all. :-)

Birdie said...

You might drink the kool-aid and try Genius mixes. Pick a song and let iTunes create a mix based on that song. It's actually pretty cool. I've kept a couple of the mixes it has given me.