Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Plan to Marry

I suppose it is ok to break the news to you all, though you might have picked it up here and there via other blogs:

Denton and I have decided to make it legal (well, kind of) and get married. We know it won't be legal or recognized in Ohio, but we're going ahead with it anyways. You know me - it's all about getting the cake.

Of all the few places we can do this, we have opted on Washington DC. We have a certain draw to the city and I think one day it is where we'd like to end up in our aging years. But the city holds an appeal to us that Iowa just cannot bring to the table - no matter how much we like corn.

Massachusetts was the only other real potential - and that is just because Rebecca and Andrew reside there.

There will be nothing fancy in this wedding. We'd like just some close friends there, some laughs, drink and food.

No chance of me becoming Broomzilla. No out of control guest lists; there will be no registry; no colour of flowers to bicker over; no DJ or live band to debate about; no worries that either of us will be wearing white - I mean c'mon, it will be after Labor Day.

Our biggest issues are: the actual date (we know it will be mid to late September - we're just trying to throw off the papa paparazzi paparazzi), who will officiate and the most important thing - location location location.

We have the option to get married in the courthouse, but take a look at the title image and another shot here: Ahhhh....where romance comes to die!!!

...except for this couple of 31 and 74. These crazy kids are totally gonna make it.......after her green-card is approved!

While the chairs in the DC Marriage Bureau have lasted decades longer than most of the marriages of people who have filed through there, this is not the place for me for tying the knot - on my shoes or in marriage.

At first I thought one got married under the arbor, but I found out, as I sat there, that you go through that foil-wrapping paper covered door to an equally unglamorous room to say "I Might!".

No, I will pay the District a $50 fee to desecrate the sanctity of marriage out in the showiness of nature. Where? I'm not sure. I was hoping to do it on Segways, but I don't know that this will fly with the other half.

I should probably mention that when I was in DC almost two weeks ago, I applied for our marriage license, so let's back up for a photo essay of the process, shall we?

Outside the courthouse at 500 Indiana NW - down in Judiciary Square. Right off the Red Line. Well a few hundred feet off of it, which felt like a few thousand feet in the blazing, sweat-inducing heat. On the plus side, I probably lost two pounds.

After a quick metal detection search and the dodging of a few hundred jurors on their way back from lunch, I headed up to the 4th floor (though this is only the 3rd), where I snapped a pic of the inside looking out. To the right is one of our favourite buildings - the National Building Museum. One of the few red-bricked buildings in this city. It's a contender for location.

First was sign-in. I couldn't help but notice and love the big bottle of Germ-X - the off brand of Purell. Because if marriage says anything, it's: Cooties!!!!!

After sitting for about 15 minutes after sign-in, I got called to.....

Did I mention this is where romance goes to die??
The Intake Station. Choo-choo!!!! Alllllll aboard!

Is it just me, or do these look suspiciously like two of the nine rings? Of course, the one I wear should be the one to rule them all - but let's face facts, I have no power here! And yellow gold??? So not me!

Our completed, if not blurred for your our protection, application of marriage. Along with our passports for ID.

My intake guy, whom went completely Casper on me here, was extremely nice. I had all the paper work filled out except who will officiate. He provided me a list of folks who do - and even circled the ones who perform same-sex unions.

I should mention, there were three other same sex couples there while I waited, who were doing the same hoop-jumping that I was. I gave them knowing smiles, but since I look so entirely straight, they must think I was just being gay-supportive.

I forgot to capture images of me going to the cashier to hand over $45 (in exact change, thank you!) to pay for this license. Well, license-to-be. There is a three day wait to pick up the license and you must have the name of the officiant to get the physical document. I will get it on my next trip to the city.

So I'm sure I'll have more details as we go along. It's not like there will be tons of planning or showers to catch you up on. But I'm kind of a fame whore, so I'm sure I'll be shameless in some of my posts.

Song by: Lucinda Williams


Morty said...

It's getting official - so happy for you two!!

Cubby said...

Honeymoon in Vegas?

Birdie said...

Weddings are the only thing over which I squee like a teenage girl. This is wonderful! We want LOTS of pictures!

Breenlantern said...

If you don't already have a stalker on the guest list...I'd like to volunteer. Also, I make a great driver, gopher and server. :-)

Congrats, good luck, and we want all the details. But, then, you're a blogger so of course we'kll get them ;-)

Anonymous said...


rebecca said...

So exciting! When do I get to jump in and take over all the planning???

Jonny said...

Does 710 know about this "Denton" feller?

Blobby said...

Becca - you can take over the planning any frickin' time you want.

What do you think - rooms at the Jefferson or the Mayflower (Eliot Spitzer suite, please!!!).

I hear there is an incredible cup cake shoppe down in Geo-town. I'd be ok for that as my...um...our cake.

Ur-spo said...

How exciting-
and I just got to know you in time NOT to miss it!
For once, I am on time.

Congrats !

anne marie in philly said...

first kelly and jeff, now you and denton! congratulations and mazel tov! I am so running out of confetti to throw...happy days ahead!

david Joseph said...

So, where are you going to register??? All the love and happiness in the world.

AJohnP said...

That's amazing news!!
Jim and I were married by his older brother who got liscenced for the day to be the officiant. If you know someone who you'd like to do the ceremony, that may be a possibility. Check it out!
Either way - MANY congrats to you both. :-)