Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This post is brought to you by the letter 'F'. You can figure out the verbs, nouns and adjectives that may have crossed my lips yesterday that started with your sponsored letter.

I guess technically I was between Allentown and Bethlehem, but fuck (see? the letter 'f') if you're going to get me to use a Billy Joel title here. What little class and taste I still have, I am holding onto dearly.

I am also using (sans permission) a photograph from my cousin, David. I did the altering. He may or may not approve, but I'm 90% he won't be surprised.

Yes, Flying suxs. Somedays it really isn't so bad, but twice in a day, my flights were massively delayed. Inbound and outbound flights. UScare just can't get it together. I don't like taking them anyway and this just solidifies some of the many reasons. It doesn't help that you often fly into the crappy crappy F terminal (see? the letter 'F').

This was about the only laugh I had of the day - and it was just in my head, where they usually are. You see, the F terminal isn't attached to the rest of the airport, so you have to take a shuttle to the B-C-D-E terminals. A is for international flights only.

But here is the laugh..............

Doesn't this look like the final scene from Defending Your Life? You know, where Albert Brooks is going back to be reincarnated and he jumps ship bus to catch up with his after-life love, Meryl Streep?

While my meetings in Allentown/Bethlehem were great, the GPS was screwed up and it panicked me when it said I'd arrive at PHL about 4 minutes before my flight was scheduled to take off. I still had to return the rental car and fill it with gas - oh and then get to and through security and take the shuttle over to F. Yeah.......like that was gonna happen.

But it did happen, mostly because, like I said: the GPS was screwed up and it gave the wrong time, which made sense, since the estimated arrival time never changed even though I went 80 mph the entire way. So I did get there about 45 minutes before scheduled take off.........but of course, take off was delayed by about 90 minutes. ...so even if the GPS was right, I still would have made it.

I'm blaming the full (see? the letter 'F') moon on this.

I know it ain't me!

Song by: Paula Cole


david Joseph said...

Nice, I will need the altered file for my archive as it is an improvement over the original.

tornwordo said...

That F terminal is so lame. If you don't take the shuttle you have to go through security a second time. How would I know this? Confiscated duty free goods, that's how.