Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Man Could Get Arrested

We are breaking down and getting Netflix - at least for a few weeks.

Why you axe?

Umm....because of Arrested Development.

I get that the show isn't for everyone, but arguably it is/was the funniest show on television.

It's not for the short attention span folks (I'm not talking about Mike....for once!), the jokes are quick - sometimes verbal, sometimes visual and sometimes a little under the breath - and the story lines actually tie together - haphazardly, for sure (and on purpose) so one must pay attention.

Here is a pseudo-complicated way to catch-up.

I started to write about my most favourite character, but there isn't one.  The entire cast is exemplary and even the guests (Henry Winkler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Lipton, Liza Minelli, hell, even Judge Reinholt) do a great job.

As you can see in the title image, David Cross' Tobias wanted to be in the Blue Man Group. Or maybe you couldn't get that from said image.

Tobias had a duel career as an analyst and a therapist, or the world's first Analrapist.

Of course who doesn't love Bob Loblaw and his law blog (say it all loud)?

And I love both both Lucille I, Lucille II and of course, the loose seal that bites off Buster's hand.  And then there is Buster, GOB and Kitty ("say goodbye to these!").   Seriously Jessica Walters is fucking hilarious. '

I was going to mention some off the charts funny lines, but like the characters, there are way too many to even pinpoint.

Anyhoo, Season 4 comes out seven years after Season 3 ended.  Netflix is releasing all new episodes at the same time - which is a newer and interesting business model.  But the new episodes can only be gotten via Netflix (which we don't have).   Seasons 1-3 are on DVD and can be seeing in the IFC channel or Hulu.

I don't know how they'll incorporate the new shows, but I'm curious to find out.

They will be released at 03:00 today, EDT.

Squee!!!   I'm so excited.

Song by:  the Pet Shop Boys


Ur-spo said...

My partner loves this show ! He regularly watches it.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the funniest and smartest shows in recent memory.

I watched the whole series using Netflix a few years ago. The whole time I was asking myself, "Why didn't I watch this the first time around?"

Anonymous said...

If you have never seen the Battlestar Gallactica remake it’s well worth the watch on Netflix. (At least the first 40 episodes)

Birdie said...

We combine Netflix and Hulu Plus to create our "cable" for only $16 a month. My daughter has been anxiously waiting for AD to premier.

Erik Rubright said...

Crap. Another show I haven't watched to add to my "a blogger recommended it" list.

While you have Netflix active, you could watch all 50 years of Doctor Who! :)

tornwordo said...

I love netflix, even if our selection is more limited than yours. So many good series available. Arrested Development is still damn good, I am already up to episode 9.