Friday, May 24, 2013

Looking for a Sign

So once again, Michelle Bachmann has invoked g-d when it comes to her and politics.

This time is that g-d will repeal Obamacare.  As if g-d, doesn't have bigger issues on his plate then oh, you know, helping the ill get medical treatment.

She might want to read her bible more carefully when Jesus talks of helping others....something she isn't willing to do.

Of course, she has brought up g-d before, as he spoke directly to her telling her to run for President.  You think she would have asked him if she'd win.  It seems g-d put her down the wrong path with that endeavour, so why wouldn't he with healthcare?

Fool her once, shame on her.  Fool her twice.......?

Naturally, many others, politicos or not, use g-d as a crutch when trying to make their point. Gay marriage being a big one.

So it is curious to me why they haven't gotten the hint of what they think g-d wants.

Yes, they're going off a book that is 2000-6000 years old and written by men, not by g-d himself.  Men are not infallible.

"They" will tell you themselves that the part about slavery is now outdated, but still remains in the book itself.  They scoff at not planting two different crops side by side or stoning a man for working on the Sabbath.  But the part about men laying with men is still etched in stone.

With all the changes in laws allowing same-sex marriage, why isn't it possible that g-d has answered, but it's just not the answer the likes of NOM, Bachmann and others want to hear?

I've been thinking about a West Wing clip (yes, another one) that on a bigger level speaks to this kind of thought.   You can watch the great Karl Malden, then we'll continue.

There is a shorter clip that gets to the point (at the 1:46 mark) but you can't embed the clip. So play the clip or just fast forward to the 1:46 point.

Yes, the situations are different, but the underlying premise is the same.

Is it possible the religious and political folks who fight so hard against same-sex marriage are just missing the signs?  Or Obamacare for that matter.  36 times it has been brought up in the House for repeal and 36 times it has failed.  And the Supreme Court upheld it.

Maybe that's g-d's sign, Michelle.

How are "they" so sure what g-d wants?  I'm always perplexed by the argument of the bible.  It's a book, just a book.

When caught in a bad circumstance, most politicians or religious folks will say their words or actions were taken out of context, if not alleging they were quoted incorrectly or never said / happened at all.  So how is it that anything in a book that is thousands of years old doesn't get the same privilege?

Hell, we can't even agree on what the framers of Constitution meant with the 2nd Amendment, but someone is sure of exactly what was known back in the day of pillars of salt, human sacrifice and burning bushes?

But no one - NO ONE - will call Bachmann and likes out on this, not even to ask what g-d's voice sounds like when he talks directly to her. Are people not even curious about that aspect?

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wcs said...

I think some of these "conservative" bible thumpers need to wake up and smell the Nespresso (what else?). Maybe their god is sending all these signs (tornadoes, hurricanes, plagues, terrorist attacks, super bowl losses) because he's pissed at THEM. Do they ever consider THAT? Huh? Nah, didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

I wish Marcus would come to his senses and marry someone he truly loves. He doesn't need a beard anymore. What's his hold up?

cb said...

It will look so much better in their (Repugnicans) campaigns later that they spent their time in Washington failing to remove Affordable Healthcare Act, and not working on job creation like they all promised.

Ur-spo said...

I am currently taking a course on the history of the Old and New Testament - I am convinced most Bible thumpers haven't a clue what the book is about, let alone quote it properly.

Erik Rubright said...

I just "like" how irrational they get when one uses their pick-and-choose mentality against them. But I'm slightly evil like that.