Saturday, April 18, 2009

Never Going Back Again

What can I say - I'm a glutton for punishment.

Last night I agreed to take my 17 year old niece and one of her friends to go see Fleetwood Mac in concert. Not that anyone is counting - but this would be the 8th time I've seen them in my life.....and the last four really should have just not been done.

Had it not been for Katie, I would not have even entertained the idea. But, I'd taken her brother to concerts, but never her. This is something she wanted, I well, I want to do well by her. I almost forewarned her that this was not the band of the music she listened to. That band was in their 20s and 30s. Not 60s. But I kept my mouth shut (I know, right?!) and let her have her moment.

Let's start out that it is possible that Katie and Marsha were the two youngest folks there. I'd say the mean was my age or slightly higher. I'm sure some of these people were at the Richfield Coliseum, along with me, back in 1977 for the Rumours tour. Scary....on all levels.

I will give them this, three of the four remaining members (no Christine McVie again/still), play incredibly well. And then there is Stevie Nicks. I pine for the days before her three pack a day habit, klonopin and coke rehab stints ravaged her voice. Or even for the days when she could sing higher than Lindsey Buckingham. We're about a decade or two beyond that.

Nicks had her moments for sure, but the songs have been rearranged to meet her ever shrinking vocal range. She tackled "Storms" from Tusk - which was a first for me. And I've always rated that as one of my favourite Fleetwood Mac songs. This version almost ruined that for me. At least she looked good - for 60.

Buckingham though - I say this everytime: wow! He is the most underrated guitarist out there. And while his work on the live version of "Big Love" is innovative, I always find myself smiling (I know, right?!) when he does his incredible solo during "I'm So Afraid". After 30 years, it has never gotten old.

There were some highlights for sure - but I'm not sure for the larger group (almost a sell-out) - and all of them from Buckingham. The aforementioned "Big Love and "I'm So Afraid" for sure, but the never before seen and perfectly peformed "I Know I'm Not Wrong" and then a marching band less "Tusk". He also did his solo "Go Insane" - which was pretty frickin' good.

Then there was the bad - other band members attempting to do Christine McVie songs and "World Turning". I've always liked the song, but hate it live - mostly for the insufferable 15 minute drum solo by Gandalf the Grey Mick Fleetwood.

Oh, and then there were the six girls/women sitting/standing next to me. The screams that came from them - they weren't as much of enthusiasm as if they sounded like the last sound Nicole Brown Simpson may have made.

The set was simple but the show was slick. Too slick, in fact. Where are the says of unscripted anything and just deviating from the set-list? The video screens and camera work was DVD ready worthy - and you half expected them to sell it on disk on your way out of the arena.

I could see that Katie enjoyed it though - and that was the important thing. She'd watch the video screens to see Lindsey Buckingham's guitar work. I'm glad I went for her, but I don't think I'll be going back again.

Song by: Fleetwood Mac


Birdie said...

Some memories are best left undisturbed. Few artists are still as good thirty-plus years later. But I spent big bucks for the cheap seats ($125 each) to see Paul McCartney a couple of years ago. He can still hit the high notes well, even the "ooooh" in "She Loves You." Worth every penny.

rebecca said...

LOL on Gandalf -- is he really still playing?
What's 'Tusk' about, anyway? (ayyyyiii-eeee!)