Thursday, April 16, 2009

Site of the Month

I am stealing this directly from Curtis. But I put in a bit of a buffer time between his post and mine to
make it faux and still seem like it was actually my idea. It totally wasn't. Curtis was much more creative than I would have been with it - so you can read his post here.

He might have LA and NYC booked up with his modeling gig, but I got Tokyo. They love us guys with the round eyes - meaning me and Speed Racer.

In my world - I'm just a model for Apple. As if! I wish. ....oh, and they pay me in product instead of cash. I'd just use the money to buy stuff at their store anyway.

It's really just PhotoFunia that can make you a star. But for that moment we can pretend we're stars.


Kris said...

Why do you always have a rapper scowl? Show yer pritty smile!

Curtis said...

Yours is much cooler!