Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To a Stranger

I considered having this be my Site of the Month, but I think I have pretty much decided on what that will be. And I also decided this one isn't worth enough to hold onto for another few weeks for the May (omg, is it pushing May already?) SotM.

Omegle is this site where you randomly talk with a stranger. And by talk, I mean chat - like IM. Not like Twitter, or weirdos who find you on Facebook. It's like (well not "like" so much as "is") IM with somebody out in cyberland. They cannot identify you, or you them.

As the site says, there is nothing stopping you from exchanging information - but "ick" - on so many levels.

To vet the system for you, I tried it.

Stranger: I was born in a bucket
You: What?
Stranger: I was born in a bucket of paint. How about you?
You: I was born in a hospital. Not nearly as exciting.

Your conversational partner has disconnected

I think I was dissed by an anonymous FREAK!

You all know my self-esteem is fragile at best. This doesn't seem to help. But in reality, it is just kind of freaky - and I don't assume I'll ever be that lonely or that removed from my friends or other random strangers.

Hell, I'd rather talk to folks on the elevator.

Song by: the Golden Palominos


cb said...

I get better chat from some of the rooms

Tracy in the Berkshires, Ma. said...

my son took me to this site a few weeks ago, once I identified myself as a 48 year old women, my conversation partner disconnected. tonight after reading your blog I had to try it again.....well 4 hrs later after counseling a terribly depressed 20 year old male from Santa Rosa CA,whom I hope I helped and who has my email should he need to talk more......I am exhausted and wish I had stayed on facebook tonight.

ps they give you the option of saving the entire chat log, which I of course did......