Sunday, April 26, 2009

Get Right With G-d

I loved this bumper sticker I saw in a Panera parking lot the other week.

Do you think there are ones that say "Don't Honk if You Hate Ugly Jesus"? All that non-honking is deafening!

What makes Jesus sexy? And is Jesus being sexy a conflict of interest for the catholics? I mean - not for the priests, because they certainly like their men to be sexy. But usually they are relegated to altar boys and not lord and saviour.

And I guess with altar boys it is more "vulnerable" than "sexy"....though it might be a fine line with that sacrosanct group.

Of course, it is not too hard to find hypocrisy elsewhere when it comes to religion either.

Take this story from CNN today. A frickin' rock formation in the form of the hand of g-d. As opposed to the hand of Paul - the guy down the street. Or Charles, the accountant over at H&R Block.Anyhoo....the guy who found this is selling it on eBay. Since it is a rock formation, clearly it can't really be moved - so what is to sell? it is: The buyer will "basically be buying the rights, complete and exclusive rights" to the rock, including literary and movie rights.

LOLLLLLLL. I. AM. DYING. ....but not to be resurrected. Just of hysterics.

I'm not even sure the WB could pull off a crappy bio-pic of.....a rock slide? Mel Gibson's schedule seems to be open right now.

But even more laughable of course, are these so-called believers who will sell out their lord for a quick buck. Because Jesus wants his uncopywrited image auctioned off on they did with that grilled cheese sammich and potato chip.

Apparently eBay is the new Temple and yet these douchebags don't see the similarities.

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cb said...

I'm guessing you didn't see the movie Hamlet 2-- with the musical number "rock me sexy Jesus".