Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nobody Does it Better

It's April 1st.

I have no fools prank to pull. And I have no words of wisdom regarding some worm that is supposed to infect all of our PCs (this is why you should have an Apple, folks!).

As promised, I have a Site of the Month entry, but not using it so early in the month - in case something better comes along. It's kind of like holding out till the bar closes before making your man-selection. Choose too early and you might miss 'the one'.

So I have a nothing post. Not nothing, but not anything.

Two weeks ago, I stumbled upon some new series called Better Off Ted. It's not bad....and Ted is cute (see pic). Cuter than his pic actually. Maybe it's in his acting style. The premise revolves around a working think tank that develops things we don't need or want, but you know these places exist. Scientists and marketers who push weird-ass shit down our throats, literally and figuratively.

This last week they made cowless meat. Or, meat grown in a test tube. A meat blob. Or as they called it: Blobby. "It's like Bobby, but with an 'L' ". They try not to name their experiments so not to get too attached to them - like Chester the Carrot (they all nod their heads knowingly).

But how can you not love or become to attached to a Blobby? I know you all do and have.

Song by: Carly Simon

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Anonymous said...

I'm kind of attached to a certain blobby!