Monday, April 13, 2009

Non Religious Building

Yesterday was the first time I broke with my work-out routine since starting two months ago. I wanted to go, but Jesus wouldn't let me. It's his fault. Isn't it always?

Can you believe they close the gym on easter? What's that all about?

If Jesus actually did come back from the dead, don't you think part of the reason would be to tell me to get healthier and get a better body? I'm assuming that would be on his top 10 list - considering in 2000+ years, he hasn't really done much more than put his image on water towers and potato chips. Allegedly.

When you come to think of it, the son of g-d is kind of a slacker.

When it comes to the gym I try not to be a Jesus slacker. Ironically enough - I have been religious in going. Four days a week, every week since joining. When you add it up, I've been 34 days in the last 59. Not that I've been counting.

Depending on whom I listen to, results should start showing any day now. Hmphf! We'll see.

I'm trying to keep my expectations low as to not get discouraged - but I think we've been all over this before with an earlier post. I am not making this a work-out diary. Just now and again I have to write about it to humiliate motivate myself to keep going.

I keep saying this is not about losing weight and I'm trying to believe it. I only weigh myself once every week and so far it's been about a pound per week that have been shed. Honestly, I'm ok with that. Slow and steady - and all that crud. I guess if I wanted to really do a weight loss program, I'd change my eating habits a bit more. And I like cookies and booze (not at the same time........usually).

No, my goal was/is to tone and tighten things up. I think it's working. Like I said, I keep expectations low, but sometimes in the mirror I that........muscle? And we all know that weighs more than fat, so it's no wonder I'm not shedding the pounds - right? RIGHT?

I wish I could say I love the gym, but I don't. I like it. Some days more than others. I've always been one who could never find their center, or hit their zone. Years of running in cross-country and I hated every single minute of it. I'm so amazed and in awe of Morty and his umpteen marathons and triathlons.

Some of the stretching I do is now the best part of the work-out, but I don't think I'm a candidate for yoga. At least yet. I'm not that bendy. And there is that centering thing that they kind of focus on.

My mind would more than likely wonder to what I looked like to the person behind me and what things were on my work 'to-do' list (are you listening Jesus???). I guess it is another goal to work on.

I always questioned how Denton and Todd could hit the gym for two hours daily. Now I can't figure out how to get out of there in under 90 minutes during the fastest routine.

Next gym post - when I get to it: Best Songs to Work Out To.

Song by: Maria McKee

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