Thursday, April 23, 2009

You're the Storm

The attached video is ok. Nothing more. Nothing more, nothing less. But so far, I've found that true of about 94% of all Funny or Die videos. It's a bit sad when their two best bits were a Lindsay Lohan spoof of an eHarmony ad or Paris Hilton's bid for run at president.

This one is a parody of the National Organization of Marriage's viral video. The one that includes "real" doctors and parents. And by "real", of course, I mean "actors". At least with Funny or Die you get real actors playing fake people and know it - not that you've actually seen Alicia Silverstone in anything since Clueless so it's hard to remember she acts. But a girl's gotta work.

I'm more amazed at how much exposure Sarah Chalke keeps getting. She sucked so badly as the second Becky on Roseanne, who knew she'd be the go-to person for any number of sitcoms. I love her in Scrubs.

Some of the dialogue is pulled directly from the NOM video. If anyone can truly explain the line to be about the doctor and faith, more power to you.

Anyway, the video makes the point. I just assume had they put some more thought into it, that it would have been funnier.

Hopefully it plays well for you. I had buffering issues - and I'm not sure if it is Funny of Die or my every so slowly dying laptop. I think the latter.

Song by: the Cardigans


Birdie said...

I believe the doctor in the original video was sued for refusing treatment (for invitro fertilization) to a lesbian couple. She claimed her faith allowed her to discriminate. She lost.

I am delighted at how viral this campaign has gone. Nothing quite cuts into artificial credibility like well-aimed parody.

rebecca said...

Well I laughed! I love Cher talking about the "hot lunch program" and "man lady marriage."

Blobby said...

I did enjoy the 'hot lunch' comment. it's the only thing that made me laugh aloud.

Anonymous said...


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