Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ok Computer

I'm seeing some issues with my PowerBook G4. You might remember that about a year or so ago I had issues as well - to the point I lost everything on my hard drive and just had it replaced.

But now I'm getting the same slow down, the same spinning beach ball of death and the whir of either the hard drive or the fan (or both) that goes on almost continually. I'm also seeing problems with my battery....or the power, I should say.

That all being said - my G4 is five and one half years old. Not bad for a laptop - or any computer, I dare say. I think it's past its life expectancy. I think. Denton thinks too.

...and that last part is important. Because I won't get too much flack for going out this weekend and buying a new Mac. I also have to get something to back up what is on my current one before it goes to the big Apple Farm in the sky.

I'm sure Denton will try to play with it after I'm done with it, and maybe recycle it to his parents or something.

I'm a little sad and a little excited. I'll keep you posted.

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