Monday, April 27, 2009


It's like Birthday Central this last week.

My oldest niece turned 18. I swear it was like a nano-second ago she was born. Her parents had a party for her - well a cookout with just the family. It was nice....and great weather. 80s at 21:00. You gotta love that in April. Four years ago on that same day we got about 14" of snow, so it really can go either way.

But she modeled her prom dresses for us. Only one stays - the rest go back. She didn't want to show us, but I did an impromptu Kelly Kapoor-ism "fashion show! fashion show! fashion show at lunch!!!" which made her parents burst out laughing. Who knew they'd remember an Office episode from like three years ago?

Both were nice, but prom dresses are not what I thought they were - at least they're not now. I didn't go to prom for a number of reason - one being unsaid and yet still fairly obvious. The second being I went to an all boys school and knew no girls - which ironically enough has/had nothing to do with the obvious reason.

Our prom theme was Bruce Springsteen's "She's the One", which I never understood. I thought prom themes were supposed to be timely from the year of the actual prom - not a song released six years earlier. I provided a write-in vote: Nick Lowe's "Cruel to be Kind". It wasn't picked.

Denton's birthday was yesterday. It was a low key event - him and me. Usually we do a combined thing, but he wanted my niece to have it all to herself. He really just didn't want undo attention. So he got none. I mean - we went out for lunch and made a nice dinner and I got him a nice present. I thought. So did he.

Yup, I bought him art. I saw this at a local exhibit and purchased it - without his prior approval. Risky, I know, but I really really liked it. And hell, I have known him so long I was 87% sure he would too....and he did.

Denton has a background in architecture and city planning so anything with buildings usually gets a pass.

But I thought we needed more original artwork in the house and it is from a local artist, so I thought it was a good move. We're not sure where we are going to hang it, but it is safe to say it will most likely go in the living room.

I hate the title of the piece though: Gossip in the City. Of course I think of Sex and the City - which makes me think of Brian on Family Guy saying: "so....this is basically about three hookers and their mom?"

We have two kitty birthdays this week too: Kylie would have been 18. We lost her almost three years ago, but we still honour her in any way we can. Tovah turns 15 !!! She'll get wet food (which totally grosses me out) and some extra treats.

Now the focus is on a next year. It's a big birthday for Denton, so we do have to honour and acknowledge it. We're planning on doing it with a trip. We have it narrowed to two places so hopefully it will all work out. It seems a long way off, but we really do need to just buckle down and do it.

Song by: the Jesus & Mary Chain


rebecca said...

I wish next year was the hub's big one, then we could do 50th at the 50th state together.

tornwordo said...

What two places? What milestone Bday? I dig the art.

Birdie said...

Instead of that awful canned food—which is basically entrails—give Tovah tuna or chicken. Kind to your nose, and she will be thrilled.

I went to NYC to celebrate my 50th; I highly recommend it.

Kris said...

Denton's turning 30 next year?

cb said...

I love Brians comment about the hookers and mom-- because that is EXACTLY how I view that show!!

Blobby said...

Yes Kris - 30. again. (+20)

The thoughts on travel are Paris or Hawaii. Rebecca is correct that we would love them to join us - even IF Mr. Becky isn't turning a big number that year.

Torn - thanks for the validation on the art.

Breenlantern said...

OK..,but if you decide to come to my house, give me enough heads up so I can clean the house and hide the bodies....