Friday, April 17, 2009

Day Off

Believe it or not - I'm taking a day off from a real blog post. I mean, you're still getting this one, which means my streak of 4+ months without missing a day is still intact.

I win. Or lose. It is a fine fine line.

I'm traveling today. Not for work. Well......not exactly. I suppose there might be more on that later. Depending.

The killer is, I'm in my old stomping grounds but have to return home the same day, so I can't even stop and see friends. You know these guys - well, kind of: Morty, Dity, George. You read about them here - but you never really see them. I could never post a pic of them without their approval and they have good representation and demand creative control. ...and I just can't do that.

So anyhoo.....enjoy the day off.

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Morty said...

You've given me all the negatives, too, right?!

Enjoy your travels!

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