Monday, April 20, 2009

Warmth of the Sun

Saturday was our first truly truly warm day. Actually, the second day in a row that it has been nice. It was great since we have had so much rain.

But it was so nice, the first windows and storm windows were flung open.

The girls loved it. Naturally Sophie tried to keep the window for herself, but Tovah made attempts and her nose was going a mile a minute to smell all that the outdoors has to offer.

It's weird....for the cold winter months, when we go upstairs, Sophie races ahead of us to the top. And waits. But she never tries to leap up onto the closed window and its sill. But in the last few weeks, as it's gotten nicer out, she races up and makes half-hearted attempts to see if it's possible to get to the window.

I guess she knows the weather is turning.

Now it is where one or both cats will be until we close up in October. They love that one window - mostly because we can leave it open all the time. No one can get in that way and for some reason, it is sheltered enough that rain never comes in. I'm 90% sure Sophie sleeps there - uncomfortable as it is - during most of the summer.

Me? I'm still convinced there is one more snow to be had. It happens to often here. And if I'm wrong, then I can be pleasantly surprised.

Song by: the Beach Boys


Dith said...

They sell really nice kitty perches you could get for that window---allowing them to share.

Put a crowbar in the wallet for your girls!

cb said...

What a nice life. Sunny window ledges and cool breezes.