Saturday, April 25, 2009

(If You Were) In My Movie

Well if you or the police needed to know where I was on Saturday, 4/18 at 7:35pm - I have my alibi.

Denton and I have two separate ways of seeing what else is on TV (because guys don't care what is on - just what else is on). I use the remote to scroll through the stations. He uses it to scroll through the menu - never actually changing the channel until he gets to something that interests him.

But the descriptions are usually cut off and you have to click on the actual channel to know what half of it is anyway.

That is most likely not the case with Blow Me Sandwich 3. Clearly Denton was the one scrolling via his method, since I'm 99% sure that Ron Weasley probably wasn't about to receive fellatio from Hermione......or Draco.

I'm not sure where the sandwich comes in. Maybe it's like American Pie and they do it with a ham & cheese on rye. (suspected dialogue: "Hey! That's not mayonnaise!")

We didn't watch. It would have been too hard to pick up the plot without seeing Blow Me Sandwich 1 and/or 2.

Song by: Suzanne Vega


cb said...

Ew... I most certainly do NOT want to see Rupert gettin head!

(unless he's packin' stallion... you know what I'm sayin??)

Breenlantern said...

this made me smile on an otherwise craptastic weekend...thanks.

tornwordo said...

Wait now I want to learn Denton's method of scrolling. Is it easy? I'm going to have to dick around with the remote now...