Monday, April 06, 2009

Smells Like Teen Spirit

It's Monday - I'm tired and I got almost nothing. But this is where the sub-title of this blog comes in handy: stuff & nonsense. I can throw almost anything up here and pass it off as a post.

Take the accompanying image. A random shot while going to get toothpaste at CVS. The other side of the isle was almost nothing but deodorant. And trust me, I could not get the entire stock into this shot.

With my zany stream of consciousness I thought (to myself) of David Letterman's first Film Festival. I think he only had two. Bette Midler did one of the short clips. It was funny and honest to g-d, I think we still have it on VHS from when we taped it way back in 1987 or so. It is nowhere to be found on YouTube or even referenced in Goooogle that I can find.

But in it she laments (and I probably am directly quoting from my freaky memory): "the deodorant section in any drugstore in the United States is larger than the largest meat market in all of Russia. Tell me - do we as a nation smell that bad?"

Naturally I was just chuckling to myself, because there was no one around to tell.

I wish I could find the movie, it was funny. Actually what was funnier was the interview before they screened the film.

Song by: Nirvana


rebecca said...

I remember that!!!

tornwordo said...

What I don't get is why deodorant is so much more expensive in the states. They are all like half price up here comparatively.