Monday, December 21, 2020

My Music Monday

You know the deal.  This time of year gets on holiday song from me. I mean, not FROM me.  I'm not singing for you.  Ever. 

But a MMM selection becomes a holiday one. I'm not big on the 14 songs that seemed to get re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-recorded. There is no originality there (though Grace Jones' "Little Drummer Boy" is pretty great - for such a crappy song).

I clearly not above mixing it up - if anyone remembers that shit-tastic Pat Benatar xmas song.  If not, I'll just link it up for you here. Yes, I'm that kind of asshole. 

But I was in a store (I know, right???!) a few weeks back and had to SoundHound a song of which I didn't know. 

To be honest, I heard and felt the beat more than the song for its specificities. However, I seemed to be digging it. 

In reality - Teddy Thompson's song, "Christmas" is ok. In a non-store setting with other distractions, the song is not as groovin' as I perceived. It has a very reggae-lite lite lite vibe. 

It's clearly not the best holiday song ever, but it's different, not traditional and I'd never heard it before - so........why not give it a shot? 


Raybeard said...

It'll just about 'do' - as background.

uptonking said...

Sigh... white guys singing over ukuleles. This is more Polynesian than reggae. And - nope. Not signing up for this one. Sorry. White guys with ukuleles... nope.