Saturday, December 05, 2020


A week (hell 24 hours) from 57 degrees to 15 inches of snow.  Some homebound time; some not. But through it all:  one cat. one dog. 

Yes, he was barking at the "deer". 

One Day: Sophie in Shep's bed (which was actually Petey's bed at one time)

Next Day: Shep in Shep's bed.  Or is it? 

Soph loves a good closet. 

Or open cupboard. 

Someone really enjoyed the first snow............for a while. 

And the laziest office worker ever created. But employee satisfaction is off the charts high. 

Song by: Manchester Orchestra


anne marie in philly said...

the glowing eyes from the closet, the hairy eyeball from the cupboard, and the sleeping kitty. there's no one like sophie!

Raybeard said...

Our fascination with them never palls, just as it doesn't for theirs with the world.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I’ll take Shep barking at the evil Christmas Deer. How dare they!

Bob said...

Sophie does give good face!

I love a dog in snow,

Ur-spo said...

Making sure the cat is satisfied is a top priority I suppose.
As for Shep he is a good dog that what thrills him remains simple: walks and treats and pats.