Friday, December 11, 2020

Site of the Month

Now that it seems the Pfizer Covid vaccine will be provisionally approved by the FDA, probably today, and the Moderna one shortly behind that, the rush is on to inoculate a lot less folks than people think. 

2.8 million does, which means 1.4 millions people, as the Pfizer vaccine requires two doses within 21 days. 

Smaller states, like Hawai'i and Wisconsin will get only 5,000 doses (so halve that getting it).  Northeast Ohio is only slated for 89,000 doses. 

Also, a recent survey said only 43% of Americans are on-board with getting the vaccine. I am one of those 43%. 

Watch your xmas packages slow to a crawl, as transport - especially air - has been given priority by the government to move these doses. This is fine. Your nut logs from Harry & David can wait. 

Maybe it's irony, or coincidence, that the advisory approval comes on the (so far) deadliest day from Covid in the United States. 

Anyway - to the site. 

I'm not 100% sure this NYT site on where you fall in line for a vaccine by your location is horribly accurate. At least in Ohio, the governor got to be the determining factor in where the shipments go. The hospital system for which I work - and is large - isn't even ON the list for the first go-round. It's unclear when we will get any other than the left-over doses from the trial we did. 

The questions are a bit vague too. I work in a hospital - but am I healthcare worker? I think not. Am I essential?  Lord, I hope, but in reality, perhaps not. Can I milk my past cancer to move up on the list? Yes, but probably shouldn't. It's past. 

It might just be a very very very rough guide. And if so, it seems I'm roughly one-third the way down the list in my county to roll up my sleeve.  

I can live with that.....................assuming I live till it happens. 


Raybeard said...

Hope your pokes come quickly. One think I do know is that I'd be miffed as Hell if it was brought to my notice that someone who'd been refusing to wear a mask or, even worse, had gone on the 'hoax' bandwagon, got their jabs before I did - and no doubt there really will be lots of these. Only wish there was some way of separating the sensible, careful ones from those careless idiots, disqualifying the latter or, at least, pushing them right down to the back of the queue.

James Dwight Williamson said...

The point is getting both doses, luckily my only desire is they come in 2021. I don’t care about the order, just please make me only have to do it once. Anne Marie who comments here, is having surgery this morning, so good wishes to her!

Travel said...

I think a lot of us are going to still be standing in line waiting in June.

uptonking said...

I am just hoping to have both doses by the beginning of summer. I need my summer. A normal one. Though, I guess, they recommend you wear a mask and social distance even after getting the vaccine. Still, protection is protection. Fingers crossed. We're just one bad side effect away from this turning into mass genocide and a sci-fi nightmare.

Ur-spo said...

I am OK waiting my turn for I am in the back of the line. Meanwhile I do the proper thing and wait.