Monday, December 14, 2020

My Music Monday

I had nothing picked for today. So, as I sometimes do, I do the 10th song that comes across in shuffle mode. But this time, I had already featured #10 - which was Snow Patrol's "Run".  So I went another 10 - and this time you get Lucinda Williams from her last disk, Good Souls Better Angels.  

The song is, "Pray the Devil Back to Hell".   Williams recently received a Grammy nomination (for what that's worth) for best Americana album and another for a song from the disk for best American Roots song. 

Roots would be the key work for "Pray the Devil..." too.  I am good with the song and disk. Both are better than she's released in recent years. The song is made with the guitar work and the subtle but effective violin/fiddle. 

1 comment:

uptonking said...

She's Tom Waits in drag. Love her. Buy that lady a drink.