Saturday, December 26, 2020

the Next Day

 Post holiday post. 

Little known secret - Sophie does most of my blogging, which is surprising with all the Shep pictures. 

Photo-Op at one of the five (?) 'Cleveland' signs strategically placed signs abbout town. 

Winter time means bed time. 

Holiday Feline. Hangin' on the sofa arm, next to dad #2. 

We got 14" of snow between xmas eve and xmas morning.  Poor Shep, forced to do his business in the unplowed streets as his little legs wouldn't allow him into tree lawns or yards. 

Still, he had a blast jumping in and out of deep piles. 

Sophie had comments on me getting ready to take Shep out for a walk. Or an attempted walk. 

....and a holiday Bailey.  I didn't even ask what she was up to when I got sent this pic.

Due to the weather, we didn't get a chance to see my sister from a distance. Hopefully, this weekend? 

Song by: David Bowie


Raybeard said...

Have as much seasonal 'fun' as you're able to eke out in the circs, B. Don't like the look of all that snow, but that's exactly what it is - snow. Sophie must HATE it. At least Shep is making the most of what he can - while Bailey is being indoors-playful.
Btw - tell Sophie she's doing a sterling job on the blogs and to carry on at the same level. (You'll have to keep humouring her!)

James Dwight Williamson said...

I like the conversation with everyone standing on the runner! Give em hell, Sophie!

Bob said...

I always knew Sophie had skills, but to know that she is the mastermind? Yes!

anne marie in philly said...

cute bailey! we had 3" of rain instead. would LOVE to hug sophie and shep!

Travel said...

We had snow flurries, much easier to walk in. Bailey is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know Sophie is modest.

Ur-spo said...

Winter (once upon a time) was a time to sit still/stay home and (mostly) sleep.
Stay horizontal as much as possible with pooch and cat this season, that's what I say.