Thursday, December 03, 2020


December came in with a bang. 

For days they had been predicting 6-12" of snow. Apparently no one in city services listened. Or cared. 

Now naturally, I did not believe them. Them being weather folk. At best they have a 60% accuracy rating. So I figured if we got snow at all, it would be like 2".  I mean a day and a half before this, we were hiking in 57F. 

And to be fair, these weather folk weren't correct again. We did not get 6-12". 

We got 15". 

What "we" got was wet heavy snow - broken limbs, lost trees, bushes that will not be making their way back and power outages. 

The non-overarching we - meaning our place - got all that, save the power outage.  The one bullet dodged of 2020? 

But everything was pretty nasty. I got to the office before it really got bad - and I only worked half the day before heading home. Even the cleared driveway was no picnic. As you can see, our afternoon walk was had in the street. Shep's legs are not 15" high. I had to stamp down a place so he could go in and do his #2 business. 

Daylight found a bunch more of down trees, more power lines on the ground and one guy walking his cat-sized dog walking down the middle of the street - while wearing knee high boots and shorts. The guy. Not the dog. 

Granted, I got to work before the worst and came home mid-day, so I didn't encounter the usual first snow of the season driving - that 5 month period where everyone who has ever lived here forgets how to drive in snow. Hopefully they get it out of their system before I encounter them again. 

Song by: Kate Bush


anne marie in philly said...

ew ew ew! I don't envy you at all!

wcs said...

Wow. Just wow.

Raybeard said...

To get this in March would be bad enough. At least you'd be hoping with some justification that it couldn't last very long. But to get it at this time with, possibly another four months to go.......yuk!

James Dwight Williamson said...

Well maybe it killed al, the insects. Those people so far up north are not people I am envious of. At least snow is a problem you have experience dealing with , something you know how to manage. To me except for for extra work and expense , that would be a comfort! 15 inches is a lot, 10 inches is a lot , of anything!

uptonking said...

I feel for you. We have been so lucky. Yes, we had a snowstorm early - in Oct., but since then...? Nada. Temps are in the 40's the last few days... and it is gorgeous outside. Talk to me in a month. Then I will be singing a completely different tune. Stay warm.