Monday, December 07, 2020

My Music Monday

I did a song from Michael Penn a few weeks back. Now how about a new release from his wife, Aimee Mann

The song - per se - isn't new, and technically, it isn't hers. 

"Avalanche" is a Leonard Cohen song from the early '70s, when I could still be considered a semi-wee lad. 

The opening music is undeniably Cohen, and you feel him throughout the song. 

Mann does a good job, but she usually does. If you're looking for 'up', this probably isn't gonna be it. But it is all nicely done.

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uptonking said...

Have loved and admired Aimee Mann since day one... I adored the third 'Til Tuesday album and all the solo stuff since. The first two TT albums... have their moments. I find her fascinating. Thanks for sharing this. First I heard Annie Lennox and now Aimee. This is the best Monday, ever.