Monday, December 22, 2014

My Music Monday

You know that My Music Monday post right before xmas is usually a holiday song.

Actually, I think it's almost always been versions of "the Little Drummer Boy" just to nudge Dr. Spo into cringing a little. Mind you, I'm not a fan of it either.

But I'm done with that, since I don't have another one. But there are plenty of Pee-Wee Herman xmas special clips out there I haven't used, but do you really want to hear / see the Delrubio Triplets sing? Or hear Charo wishing you a Merry Crreesmas from the 'botto o'my har"?

If we're going to go bad - I can go bad. Really bad. And not just Stevie Nicks / Robbie Neville bad (and that is really really bad).

How about Pat Benatar bad?

C'est vrai.

Pat did a holiday song and it is truly truly truly awful. Beyond bad. So bad, that it shouldn't just be somewhere in my iTunes liberry - it should be etched onto your grey matter. They say misery loves company.

I love me some Pat and own most of whatever she's put out. But never ever ever take an artist for granted, or worse, to unequivocally like everything they do. You're only going to be disappointed.

Let's just says, on her 2003 record, Go, the song is called "Christmas". On YouTube it's called, "Christmas in America".

Now imagine if Lee Greenwood had done this song and that it was the Fourth of July. Are you seeing where I'm going with this?

Yes, Pat actually has balls bigger than mine to sing a line like, "it's Christmas in America, g-d bless the USA".

I shit you not.

I'm not saying this is or isn't the reason this was the actual last studio album from Ms. Benatar. But it totally is.


anne marie in philly said...

nope nope nope, you can't make me watch a POS like this. and I despise lee greenwood too!

Jonny said...

LOLLLLLL. As GT would say...Ohhhhh my.

Bob said...

Wow. Who knew Pat could suck so hard.