Saturday, December 27, 2014

Animal Instinct

It's Petey Porn and Sophie Smut Day. Holiday Edition.

There are also extended family pets involved too. Buddy, my mother's cat and Pippa, my niece's cat.

 Sophie - xmas morning. I missed the pic when she got a bag stuck on her head. 

Even a sick puppy is the model of a 'good dog' for a nice vet with a treat in hand.
He got the reward. Several times. 

Buddy trying to 'catch' the rain. 

My niece's cat, Pippa in my sister's tree. 

One Mr. Pete very interested in a tub of ornaments. This is out of character for him. 

Buddy in front of a small tree my mother has on an entertainment console. 

The blue stuff? Tape (sticky side up). It is meant as a deterrent to keep Buddy off the console. She navigates around each piece like she's in the Hurt Locker. 

Peek-a-Boo Pippa

Vocal Sophie. She's a talker. 

That's it for this week. Can't overdo it on the cuteness. You guys can't handle it.

Song by: the Cranberries


anne marie in philly said...


ded of kyoot overload, esp. pippa!

Bob said...

Loving Buddy in "Hurt Locker: Invade Console."

Raybeard said...

TOO much! (More please!)

David said...

Fantastic. Love it.

Mark in DE said...

Complete and utter cuteness!