Monday, December 15, 2014

My Music Monday

It was just one of those weeks where I could not come up with a song to select. So, once again, I let iTunes Shuffle make the choice.

I know I've had a Fleetwood Mac song here before, but never Stevie Nicks.

As much as I used to like her, the work she's done in the past two decades, for the most part, has fallen on hard hard times. It's not so much pleasant to the ear.  ....and decades later, she's still pulling material from 40+ years ago, as I think her writing ability has run dry.

The problem with that is, some of those songs were good.......then. Now that she has a much more limited vocal range (for a 66+ year old), sometimes she's just kind of sad to listen to, so do those once promising songs.

But she had her moments.

Oddly, some of those really good moments never truly made it to major releases. With her first solo album, Bella Donna, she recorded a number of songs during those sessions that ended up on four or five different soundtracks - and most of them were better than what was on her actual album.

Go figure.

"Blue Lamp" is actually a good song. Nicks isn't really known for 'rock' songs. She's tried. She's kind of come close. But usually, she still ends up being her ethereal self - which may or may not be a huge put-on persona thing. And "Blue Lamp" might come the closest she get to true rock and / or roll.

Maybe that is why the song ended up on the soundtrack for the 1981 movie Heavy Metal. The animated movie came from the magazine of the same name - which was popular at the time (though not with me).

Clearly, Nicks doesn't do 'heavy metal' music, but neither does anyone on that soundtrack.

It's Stevie Nicks - so don't try to figure out what the hell she's singing about.

Stevie Nicks - Blue Lamp


Bob said...

I love me some "old" Stevie, but not so much old Stevie.

Ur-spo said...

I recently heard Ms. Nicks singing Silent Night.
Ouch .