Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Year in Pictures - 2014

You know the drill (at least most of you) by now. I try to give an overview of the year in pictures.

I attempt to utilize shots I have not previously posted on this blog. I've even tried to stay away from some I've posted on FB.

January 2014 - one frickin' cold and very very very snowy day after yoga. 
Hot chocolate at Dewey's.

February 2014 - my home town, Chagrin Falls.  
And just another freezing day from a never-ending Winter 2014. 
Still it's always in interesting sight when most of the falls freeze over. 

February 2014 - frigid frigid Lake Erie. 
That small patch might be the only part of the Great Lakes not to be frozen over this last Winter.

March 2014 - Arcade Fire concert
One of the best live performances I have ever seen. 

March 2014 - my stalled modeling career.

April 2014 - my father's first hospital stay in 2014. 
It would not be his last. 

April 2014 - Blobby Football.  

May 2014 - honestly, I'm not attempting to fingerbang this more some life-sized ad in NYC. 
It was supposed to come out as a more questioning look, but that was no achieved. 

May 2014 - NYC from the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

May 2014 - View from the High Line.  
I like all the lines from construction, fencing and such. 

May 2014 - apparently you can't even spell out 'farting'. Who knew!

 May 2014 - 1 World Trade. 
...and some other buildings. 

May 2014 - Metropolitan Museum of Art
I found on their site the room in which these gates reside, but it does not really talk about the gates themselves.  

June  2014 - Yoga in the Sky
Yes, whomever (I did not take the snap) used a filter, but it made the clouds look neat. 

June 2014 - Rosilee. 
Possibly the best pic I took at the I Believe in CLE event. So much for mindful meditation. 

July 2014 - Red, White & Yoga.
Getting into Plow. No - regardless of all those probable movies, I still can't reach "it".

July 2014 - Yoga Rocks the Park.
Another image not by yours truly, but of yours truly. I don't get (re)adjusted often, but this kind lady was helping me better my Locust pose.

(I like the guy in the pink top, chatting like he's just sunning himself at the beach)

August 2014 - spending my days at Hillcrest Hospital with my father. 

August 2014 - day before Gay Games 9 opened.

September 2014 - What? A guy can't appreciate a little neighbor eye-candy?

October 2014 - One of the best pics of Petey. He's an Autumn.

October 2014 - Can't ignore Sophie. Always attentive Sophie.

November 2014 - having Geoff Knox assist in getting me up into one of my first non-against the wall headstands. 

November 2014 - Tree pose at Believe in CLE at the Q
It looks like a cast of failed try-outs for A Chorus Line

November 2014 - Buddy and myself around Thanksgiving.

 December 2014 - Washington Monument as taken from the Tidal Basin.
More on our DC trip soon - I promise.

 December 2014 - Pentagon 9/11 Memorial.
More on that too - soon.

December 2014 - Arlington National Cemetery.
Oddly, one of my favourite places on Earth.

December 2014 - David and myself at the opening of viBE at the 9.

That's all for the 2014 images. I foresee this happening next as well. 


anne marie in philly said...

that david is sure cute!

may - you are looking up that skirt thinking "what's THAT up there? eeeeeew!" ;-)

Dith said...

Loved these. So many images of you.

David said...

Thanks for a very entertaining recap. Hope you have a great 2015.

Bob said...

Great pictures of what seemed to have been an eventful, thougg maybe not always pleasant, year.

My favorite, oddly enough, is the one of Arlington. I never want to be buried--why waste the ground space--but there's something altogether peaceful and calming about graveyards.

Ur-spo said...

I love these sorts of summaries
Thank you for sharing it.