Saturday, December 20, 2014

Do They Know It's Christmas?

It's the holidays and Petey Porn and Sophie Smut is going global.

I'm taking people's doggie shots (without really asking all of them) to show the cuteness worldwide. Everyone has been so loving to see Petey, Sophie, and now Buddy, that I thought I'd return some of the favour so you could see other people's four-legged friends.

I already apologize to those whom I did not get to include this year. But I'm sure I'll be doing it again.

We lavish upon our pets this time of the year. Who doesn't get a little stocking of treats for their furry pals? They don't even know why - but that's ok. They deserve it.

So....let's start the show......shall we?

My man, Ted. 
Ok, he's David's man, Ted. But he's just the frickin' cutest. 
I can never get enough Teddie. 

Holiday foster-to-adopted pup, Nila.  Orlando, FL. 
She belongs to my friend Kristin. 

Boston buddy to John (and Jim and Zachary).  
Though apparently John doesn't have anything to say - regardless of his blog title. 

Harley & Holden.  These are puppies, btw. 
Boys to (the other) Brett & Nico. 
Petey met his first Rhodesian Ridgeback the other day. Keggers. They got along great. 

Who's a good boy?  WHO'S a good boy?
Georgie is a good boy.  (ala Richard and Serge)

Sabine & Remy. 
Two cute girls of Jon & Tommy down in NC. 

Becky & Andrew's dog - Barkley. 
Better behaved than one would think. He's a cutie and quite the cuddler. 
Careful if you don't behave in that house. It's curtains for you. Lacey, gently wafting curtains...but curtains nonetheless. 

Morty & George's boys - Skeeter & Logan. 
Petey loves being part of a pack with these two. 
I always wondered if Petey knows or cares that these two are the same breed. 

Buddy.  Getting bigger each week. 
And a getting a lot more comfortable too. She's a lot of fun during visits to my mom's house. 

Rollo, London, and THE man, Ripley. 
There are Meredity & Norman's brood.  (Rollo is not even a year old yet.)

This is Phoebe. Christopher's owner. 
Apparently CB drives a Volvo....or likes Prince. 

Otis.  My main man. 
See, that's from Animal House

Otis, is from a much nicer house with guys who drink slightly less than John Belushi. 

But look at those eyes!!!!!!

You'll see Petey and Sophie pics from the holidays. They always get their turn to shine, so I felt it necessary to keep the spotlight on these fun and funny guys. 

Song by: Band Aid


anne marie in philly said...

great pix of cute furkids! buddy is a pretty little girl.

my kids get fuzzy mice and play balls and catnip from "santa cat".

Bob said...

Buddy is adorable, but that Phoebe is bringing the cutes, too.

And Otis? I'm loving the name and will have to work on Carlos to see if we can get an Otis dog or an Otis cat for us!

Meredith said...

So cute! Nila is adorable.

David said...

Those are some cute doggies. Happy Holidays!

Ur-spo said...

pretty pets, all !

Mark in DE said...

OMG - cuteness overload!!!

cb said...