Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cups and Cakes

Never underestimate the squeaky wheel.

There is a reason for that familiar saying.

But if you're going to post on FB that you're making dozens and dozens and dozens of biscotti - many of them dipped in chocolate - sooner or later, some d-bag is going to try to hit you up for a sample.

That FB'er?  My friend Mike.

That d-bag?  You're lookin' at him.

(and look! I didn't even use quotes around the word "friend".)

Truth be told, I'm not sure I ever had biscotti before. But clearly you know me as a CapN Crunch / cupcake kind of guy. Biscotti seem grown-up, which we all know I'm not. I mean, Julia made them on America's Test Kitchen!

They seem refined, and that you'd probably drink them with a hot beverage.

Still, out of fun, I nagged. Honestly, just to be a thorn, not to get anything out of it. And lo and behold (well, after a little more poking fun), a package shows up in the mail.  Yayyy.

Mike: 1  Blobby: 1

He gets a point for getting to be my friend. I get a point for getting Mike to send me something via the U.S. Postal Service that I get to eat.


Actually, it was a very nice gesture on his part and one I would like to reciprocate sometime soon. Though I'm not really a baker, so I'll have to be creative in what ends up in his and Peter's P.O. Box.

For the record, I did eat the prop biscotti used in the title image and it seemed perfectly fine. Better than fine. Mike is a good baker and Peter is a good chocolate dipper. Of course, Mike told me after I ingested the first one, that I could give Petey the non-chocolate end of it, as his dog Otis goes crazy for these.

So it got me wondering if Mike just sent me a package of doggie treats that he's passing off as biscotti as some joke only he would think is funny.

He is not above that.

I took a mock picture of me trying to bite into the object he calls food.

...but then I remembered his note:

So I went the Otis route.....(again, probably not a joke).....and made the picture more, umm, suggestive.

I haven't yet got to meet Otis, but he's seems like a good doggie, why would I really care if he licked the biscotti or not?

And as it turns out, Mike isn't my 'Boston Honey'. He's my 'Boston Homey'.

We get along well enough, just not that well.

Song by: the Thamesmen  (extra points if you know who this is without Goooooogling it)


anne marie in philly said...

these italian cookies are too damn hard! I have never been a fan. and are you SURE they are NOT doggie treats?

Bob said...

I'll dip 'em in a cappuccino. That softens 'em up enough to actually take a bite!

Greg said...

"Honey"/"Homey"'s all in how you look at it. Maybe soaking them in hot chocolate for a spell would soften them up.

Ur-spo said...

lol what a jolly post! It made me smile.