Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.

- Margaret Mead

There is a connection between the image and the quote - I swear.

I like the image, though it might be unfair to have the NRA heading that.

Let me rephrase, because some of you just gasped. It's unfair to only be singling out the NRA. There are many many many people to blame.

My avoidance has turned to anger and frustration. That post I said I'd already written time and time again is probably going to be repeated here and now. So, sorry about that.

First off, let me give kudos to my right-winged Facebook friends who have not said word-one about the shooting in Orlando. It's either great restraint on their part, or they know this event was beyond the pale and even they cannot defend gun rights at this point.

If the latter, then they are fucking wusses. But all these asshats hide behind their guns and the 2nd Amendment.

Mind you - none of them have said "what a tragedy" or the standard and untrue "our prayers are with them and their families". And while I'm kind of offended they didn't, I'd be more offended if they did. You can't win with me on this one - at least not from that crowd.

But yes - the politicians. They're big on that 'prayers' piece, but not so much on the curbing the violence piece. It's big business. Theirs.

Their bank accounts are flush from lobbyists and special interest groups.

I'm not sure why I just thought of this though - where are the multi-kajillionaires who are against gun violence? If they pumped as much money into DC (and personal off-shore bank accounts) as the NRA does, guess what, there would be gun control in a heartbeat.

Like Mead says, it only takes a few caring people. Just with kajillions of dollars. That's kind of the qualifier she omitted.

I do like the Mead quote and at one point that was probably true. I'm not so sure it's that 'simple' any more - not that it probably ever was. It is a few people, just in higher places. And that can be dangerous - as we've seen.

Still, I applaud those who make the effort. I tried after Sandy Hook and was met with automated response smack-downs. There was no option for discussion - logical or otherwise - or a back and forth of ideas. How can you represent your constituents want if you don't listen to your constituents. Oh that's right - the constituents they listen to are the ones with the greenbacks. It really is a sad state of affairs.

The only thing sadder - if possible - are the "men" of the cloth. The bile that spews from their mouths just reinforces they know nothing of the teaching of this mythical Jesus. Even if he never existed - they believe he did. And they believe what he believed.....allegedly. It's hard to say - since they clearly don't expound anything they're supposed to be 'teaching'.

Church or State

So what can some caring people actually do? Storm the castle - meaning state house or US capitol? Storm the churches?  I mean, why not? politicians listen to the church more than they do their voters. I mean - the religious right......who own guns. So maybe that isn't the best plan.

I didn't say I had any ideas, but I'm willing to listen and participate.

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Bob said...

These Hate Pastors have their right to Free Speech, but when they say those hateful things, they share in the bloodshed.

Our politicians who take up Moment After Moment After Moment of Silence for the dead, but then sit back and cash their NRA donation checks have blood on their hands.

The gun rights advocates who don't see the difference between a gun or rifle and an assault weapon, and believe the 2nd Amendment applies to assault weapons have blood on their hands.

And those of us who rail and cry and moan about these mass murders, but do nothing until the next one comes along in six or seven minutes, also have blood on our hands.

Fearsome Beard said...

I started by writing those currently in office.
I then encouraged others to do the same.
I continue by donating to and supporting candidates that will vote to restrict firearms accordingly.
I will volunteer with campaigns to walk districts, call voters and assist however I can to get out the vote for candidates who like mindedly will work to restrict firearms through legislative process.
I vote.
...This is an election year, we have five months left to work towards change in Washington together.