Monday, June 06, 2016

My Music Monday

'Colours' is the theme of this month. It was my selection.

Erik thought it appropriate for Pride month, but that wasn't my rationale. I have no rationale. I just have lots of songs that have some kind of hue attached to them.

If I am totally being honest here, I'm not a huge fan of the Pride / Gay flag. Maybe it's because I had one on my car and then someone spray-painted 'FAC' next to it. I'll assume they just got interrupted....or never really learned how to spell.

But I digress.

I'm starting off with "Gold" by Spandau Ballet. (oh yes, they still have a website.)

The story has probably been told before, but before MTV, there was only Friday Night Videos on NBC. My mother liked "True" the band because,well, they wore suits. "Why can't all bands be this well groomed?" my mother lamented.

Why indeed.

I wasn't a fan of that song, though it was inescapable.....which is probably why I never truly (ha! get it?)  liked it.

I was a fan "Gold". I've always said it was the best non-actual James Bond theme ever. It has a Bond sensibility, but still rooted firmly in the New Romanticism era.

The video is meh. And the two Kemp brothers are just slightly less creepy than the guys on Property Brothers. But just slightly.

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Fearsome Beard said...

Spandau Ballet? Wow you really are my age.