Saturday, June 18, 2016

Behind Blue Eyes

Just a two-fer today.

I haven't had many animal encounters in this last week. Work sucks for that.

Sophie is all about sitting on me as soon as I get home.  Of course I let her - no matter how frickin' hot out it may be. 

This is Logan. He's beautiful and blue-eyed. 

He sat outside with David and myself when we had tea last week. He was happy to take pets from David for the entire time. David was happy to do it. 

Song by: the Who


anne marie in philly said...

logan is a handsome boy! and I let my nyla (sophie's twin) climb all over me too; such love from a small body!

Raybeard said...

Logan's got that eternally doleful look that some dogs have, which always makes me want to cheer them up. Whereas Sophie looks as though the whole world owes her respect - and you'd better give it or else!

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would sit on me when I got home.

anne marie in philly said...

@JP - you mean guido doesn't do that already???